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Schiel JE. Glycoprotein analysis using mass spectrometry: unraveling the layers of complexity. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2012 ;404(4):1141-9.
Sundling C, Li Y, Huynh N, Poulsen C, Wilson R, O'Dell S, Feng Y, Mascola JR, Wyatt RT, Hedestam GBKarlsson. High-resolution definition of vaccine-elicited B cell responses against the HIV primary receptor binding site. Sci Transl Med. 2012 ;4(142):142ra96.
Li Y, O'Dell S, Wilson R, Wu X, Schmidt SD, Hogerkorp C-M, Louder MK, Longo NS, Poulsen C, Guenaga J, et al. HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies display dual recognition of the primary and coreceptor binding sites and preferential binding to fully cleaved envelope glycoproteins. J Virol. 2012 ;86(20):11231-41.
Wang H, Ge Z, Walsh STR, Parthun MR. The human histone chaperone sNASP interacts with linker and core histones through distinct mechanisms. Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 ;40(2):660-9.
Zhang M-Y, Yuan T, Li J, Borges ARosa, Watkins JD, Guenaga J, Yang Z, Wang Y, Wilson R, Li Y, et al. Identification and characterization of a broadly cross-reactive HIV-1 human monoclonal antibody that binds to both gp120 and gp41. PLoS One. 2012 ;7(9):e44241.
Shipley JGerman, Vandergaast R, Deng L, Mariuzza RA, Fredericksen BL. Identification of multiple RIG-I-specific pathogen associated molecular patterns within the West Nile virus genome and antigenome. Virology. 2012 ;432(1):232-8.
Kolhatkar V, Diao L, Acharya C, Mackerell AD, Polli JE. Identification of novel nonsteroidal compounds as substrates or inhibitors of hASBT. J Pharm Sci. 2012 ;101(1):116-26.
Terrell JL, Gordonov T, Cheng Y, Wu H-C, Sampey D, Luo X, Tsao C-Y, Ghodssi R, Rubloff GW, Payne GF, et al. Integrated biofabrication for electro-addressed in-film bioprocessing. Biotechnol J. 2012 ;7(3):428-39.
Serrano D, Bhowmick T, Chadha R, Garnacho C, Muro S. Intercellular adhesion molecule 1 engagement modulates sphingomyelinase and ceramide, supporting uptake of drug carriers by the vascular endothelium. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2012 ;32(5):1178-85.
Andrianov AK, Mutwiri G. Intradermal immunization using coated microneedles containing an immunoadjuvant. Vaccine. 2012 ;30(29):4355-60.
Schiel JE, Au J, He H-J, Phinney KW. LC-MS/MS biopharmaceutical glycoanalysis: identification of desirable reference material characteristics. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2012 ;403(8):2279-89.
Maiti A, Noon MS, Mackerell AD, Pozharski E, Drohat AC. Lesion processing by a repair enzyme is severely curtailed by residues needed to prevent aberrant activity on undamaged DNA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 ;109(21):8091-6.
Chen J, Wang M, Turko IV. Mass spectrometry quantification of clusterin in the human brain. Mol Neurodegener. 2012 ;7:41.
Maltsev AS, Grishaev A, Bax A. Monomeric α-synuclein binds Congo Red micelles in a disordered manner. Biochemistry. 2012 ;51(2):631-42.
Chen C, Gorlatova N, Herzberg O. Pliable DNA conformation of response elements bound to transcription factor p63. J Biol Chem. 2012 ;287(10):7477-86.
Shi Z, Sellers J, Moult J. Protein stability and in vivo concentration of missense mutations in phenylalanine hydroxylase. Proteins. 2012 ;80(1):61-70.
González PM, Hussainzada N, Swaan PW, Mackerell AD, Polli JE. Putative irreversible inhibitors of the human sodium-dependent bile acid transporter (hASBT; SLC10A2) support the role of transmembrane domain 7 in substrate binding/translocation. Pharm Res. 2012 ;29(7):1821-31.
Zhang J, Shen Y, May SL, Nelson DC, Li S. Ratiometric fluorescence detection of pathogenic bacteria resistant to broad-spectrum β-lactam antibiotics. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2012 ;51(8):1865-8.
Underwood KF, D'Souza DR, Mochin-Peters M, Pierce AD, Kommineni S, Choe M, Bennett J, Gnatt A, Habtemariam B, Mackerell AD, et al. Regulation of RUNX2 transcription factor-DNA interactions and cell proliferation by vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) prohormone activity. J Bone Miner Res. 2012 ;27(4):913-25.
Yap JL, Cao X, Vanommeslaeghe K, Jung K-Y, Peddaboina C, Wilder PT, Nan A, Mackerell AD, W Smythe R, Fletcher S. Relaxation of the rigid backbone of an oligoamide-foldamer-based α-helix mimetic: identification of potent Bcl-xL inhibitors. Org Biomol Chem. 2012 ;10(15):2928-33.
Wang M, Heo G-Y, Omarova S, Pikuleva IA, Turko IV. Sample prefractionation for mass spectrometry quantification of low-abundance membrane proteins. Anal Chem. 2012 ;84(12):5186-91.
Wu X, Wang C, O'Dell S, Li Y, Keele BF, Yang Z, Imamichi H, Doria-Rose N, Hoxie JA, Connors M, et al. Selection pressure on HIV-1 envelope by broadly neutralizing antibodies to the conserved CD4-binding site. J Virol. 2012 ;86(10):5844-56.
Wang J, Zhuang J, Iyer S, Lin XY, Whitfield TW, Greven MC, Pierce BG, Dong X, Kundaje A, Cheng Y, et al. Sequence features and chromatin structure around the genomic regions bound by 119 human transcription factors. Genome Res. 2012 ;22(9):1798-812.
Stoltzfus A, O'Meara B, Whitacre J, Mounce R, Gillespie EL, Kumar S, Rosauer DF, Vos RA. Sharing and re-use of phylogenetic trees (and associated data) to facilitate synthesis. BMC Res Notes. 2012 ;5:574.
Petty A, Myshkin E, Qin H, Guo H, Miao H, Tochtrop GP, Hsieh J-T, Page P, Liu L, Lindner DJ, et al. A small molecule agonist of EphA2 receptor tyrosine kinase inhibits tumor cell migration in vitro and prostate cancer metastasis in vivo. PLoS One. 2012 ;7(8):e42120.