Electrochemical Probing through a Redox Capacitor To Acquire Chemical Information on Biothiols.

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TitleElectrochemical Probing through a Redox Capacitor To Acquire Chemical Information on Biothiols.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLiu, Z, Liu, Y, Kim, E, Bentley, WE, Payne, GF
JournalAnal Chem
Date Published2016 Jul 6

The acquisition of chemical information is a critical need for medical diagnostics, food/environmental monitoring, and national security. Here, we report an electrochemical information processing approach that integrates (i) complex electrical inputs/outputs, (ii) mediators to transduce the electrical I/O into redox signals that can actively probe the chemical environment, and (iii) a redox capacitor that manipulates signals for information extraction. We demonstrate the capabilities of this chemical information processing strategy using biothiols because of the emerging importance of these molecules in medicine and because their distinct chemical properties allow evaluation of hypothesis-driven information probing. We show that input sequences can be tailored to probe for chemical information both qualitatively (step inputs probe for thiol-specific signatures) and quantitatively. Specifically, we observed picomolar limits of detection and linear responses to concentrations over 5 orders of magnitude (1 pM-0.1 μM). This approach allows the capabilities of signal processing to be extended for rapid, robust, and on-site analysis of chemical information.

Alternate JournalAnal. Chem.
PubMed ID27385047