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IBBR unites distinguished scientists from the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our Fellows come together across disciplines and institutions to discover tomorrow's biotechnology solutions.

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Name Profile
Wenbo Yu
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Wenbo Yu develops and uses computational methods to study the conformation changes, thermodynamic properties and interaction profiles of protein-protein interactions and complexes of proteins with small molecules. Dr. Yu focuses on development and application of computer-aided drug design (CADD) approaches for drug discovery, especially for cancer-related targets. In particular, he pursues new CADD methods development and coding; force field development; and molecular level simulation to investigate phenomena of biological and medicinal interest. In collaboration with experimentalists, Dr. Yu is studying new therapeutic targets, improving drug performance, and exploring structural level behaviors of drugs and macromolecules.

Bruce Yu
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Yu is a biophysicist and biochemist by training. Dr. Yu has synthesized dendrimer imaging agents for multi-color F-19 MRI and advanced MRI technology to evaluate the mechanical properties of soft materials and biological tissues.  He is also interested in the link between molecular chirality and material mechanical properties, and how chirality can be exploited to create biomaterials with novel mechanical properties for cell growth and differentiation. Dr. Yu is an inventor of several new technologies and holds six issued patents, including for dendrimer synthesis, biomaterials engineering, and noninvasive analytical technologies. Current research in the Yu lab involves regulatory science for biologics and nano-drugs.