Innovo BioPolymers

Bridging academic research and commercial activity

Commercializing polyphosphazene technology

IBBR scientists are working with a proprietary technology based on polyphosphazene macromolecules—research that is leading directly to work on products designed to address unmet medical needs. To that end, a development-stage biotechnology firm has been established: Innovo BioPolymers (IBP).

The researchers behind Innovo believe that optimally designed and engineered polyphosphazene delivery systems represent the next stage in the evolution of therapeutic and preventive medicines for the treatment of human and animal diseases. These unique macromolecules have the potential to drastically improve clinical benefits, resulting in efficacy and safety not currently achievable using other approaches.

The promise of polyphosphazenes

Polyphosphazenes are a unique class of polymers, combining the unusual structural characteristic of an inorganic backbone with the versatility of pendant groups and the flexibility of synthetic pathways. Thanks to these properties, they present an exceptional opportunity for developing a new generation of vaccine and drug delivery systems.

These macromolecules can be designed to integrate a customized set of critical biological properties—such as tunable biodegradability, biocompatibility, self-assembly with vaccine antigens, protein therapeutics, or small drugs, targeting capabilities, and environmentally triggered modulated release. They are then precisely engineered through the use of proprietary processes under strictly controlled conditions to satisfy the sophisticated prerequisites of applications and strict regulatory requirements.

The path for Innovo

Innovo is a direct outgrowth of two decades of studies conducted by a team of scientists—work which is continuing at the University of Maryland—and the convergence of critical inventions and innovations.

The company plans to leverage its powerful macromolecular and nanoengineering platform to develop its own pipeline of delivery systems, and collaborate with biopharmaceutical companies for their further advancement.

Its initial focus is on the development of novel immunomodulators and vaccine delivery systems. Innovo has already generated an array of potent immunoadjuvants, which have been validated in various animal models for a number of important viral and bacterial antigens.

PCPP, the lead polyphosphazene product candidate, has demonstrated potency and safety in clinical trials. Polyphosphazene immunoadjuvants are capable of improving and modulating the quality of immune responses and can be conformed into soluble and nanoengineered formulations. In addition, microneedle patches fabricated using polyphosphazene adjuvants, proved to be a highly efficient and commercially feasible instrument for intradermal administration of vaccines.

IBP is also engaged into development of polyphosphazene carriers for the delivery and stabilization of protein therapeutic drugs. After demonstrating the potential of polyphosphazene macromolecules to stabilize and improve the shelf life of proteins, Innovo is in the process of introducing novel biodegradable polymers for targeted delivery of anticancer drugs.